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Vēmos Launches Smartphone Apps For Android And IOS

After our recent rollout of updated capabilities on the back-end web system, we have now released an app for iOS and Android devices. We know club owners, managers, promoters and servers are on-the-go, and a laptop isn’t always the most convenient. We took the most used functions from our system and put it in the palm of your hand.

Key features for iOS

All Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini and iPad, comprise of the following capabilities:

  • Reservation management. Users can create, edit, search for, confirm, and seat reservations no matter where they came from. The app and the web version are in sync with one another, so when a reservation is updated either on the web or on the app, it immediately shows up on both platforms.
  • Customer relationship management. Our in-depth client profile system made its way into the palm version. Each profile features reservation history, past liquors purchased, guests associated with reservations, and spend per date. There’s also the capability to add critical notes associated with a client. Again, the web and mobile versions are in sync to show updates as they come.
  • Point of sale. Manage bottle service orders and transactions right at the VIP table. This feature allows users to add bottles, food, or packages to a reservation and process credit card payments either through our mobile card reader or manually entering the information. Our system also has the capability to split bills based on a percent or a dollar amount.

Key features for Android

The following functionalities are available for all Android devices 3.0 and up, with more features to be released in the near future:

  • Reservation management, with the same functionalities described above.
  • Customer relationship management, which gives an in-depth look at a customer’s past experience at your club, his or her spend-to-date and any notes associated with that customer.
  • The apps are available as a free download in the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. Access to log into the app and use its functionality is reserved for BookBottles customers. Contact us at for more information or to become a part of Vēmos.

Whitney Larson is the president at Vēmos. Contact her at

Vēmos Lands Global Partnership With Apple

Vēmos (formerly BookBottles) already simplifies VIP reservation management and point-of-sale for top nightclubs, so our next action was to simplify the process of getting access to high-quality devices. That’s why we hooked up with Apple.

The partnership with Apple enables each company to do what they do best: Vēmos to focus on its software and Apple to focus on its hardware. Each club who is a part of Vēmos will now have full support from Apple on all of its devices as well as support from the BookBottles team on its product. Here’s a deeper look at how clubs can benefit from this partnership:

1. Device Packages

Apple has put together packages for Vēmos’ clients, which gives nightclubs access to a bulk order of its products, including iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini, at a discounted rate. Nightclubs also have the option to lease Apple products to always have the latest and greatest products at their club. These packages include insurance; the price of the package is determined by the quantity of devices needed.

2. Apple Support

Vēmos has an Apple support team assigned to its account that understands the full functionality of BookBottles. This team is available to any nightclub that chooses to use Apple products in their club through Vēmos, and is in charge of assisting with any issues related to the devices. The club can either call Apple support or go to any Apple store to get the help they need. They simply need to say they are a part of the BookBottles network and an Apple team member will be there to assist in any way they can.

3. In-Store Training

Apple will be hosting in-store training at its major store locations around the world for any Vēmos nightclub looking to get hands-on knowledge of each device. The Apple support team will educate customers on each device, explain which device is best for which job function within the club, and how BookBottles functions on each device. Apple arranges the day and time of these trainings. Vēmos will inform customers when a training session is available in their area.

Have more questions? Contact us at for more information about this partnership.

Whitney Larson is the president at Veēmos. Contact her at