ID Scan – Bars

ID Scan – Bars

Simple. Intuitive. Fast.

Put it next to your POS or use it at the door. Place the device anywhere you check IDs.

Go beyond verifying age.

You’ll know immediately if someone is under 21. You’ll also know if an ID is expired, if it’s a pass-back, or if the guest is banned. You can even see when a guest is a VIP.

Understand every guest.

Know how often someone comes, what time of day they typically check in, what promotions brought them in, and even what they buy.

Build loyalty.

Every guest needs to have their ID to drink, but not every guest is going to sign up for your loyalty program. Now you can leverage IDs as your loyalty program to capture and reward every guest.

Connect your POS to match guest spending.

You check IDs. You take payments. Combine the two together and track each guest’s spend history.

Next level security.

The best security is being able to stop an incident before it happens. With Vēmos, you can manage your 86 list digitally plus get notified of patrons who have caused issues at another nearby location.

Available on devices you already own and use.

Accessories for the Vēmos ID scan app.

Tech specs

  • Available soon on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • iOS compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 9.0 or later.
  • Android compatible with most devices and phones running on Android 4.3 and up.
  • Scans government-issued IDs across all 50 states, as well as passports from 230 countries and territories. Powered by Regula.
  • Recognizes 6200 document templates in 77 languages with new documents added every day.
  • Built for camera scanning capabilities to increase speed and efficiency without compromising data collection.
  • Also compatible with Honeywell SL22 sleds for external 2D barcode reading capabilities