Get Paid Daily

No more waiting until after your event is over to get paid. With Vēmos, you get paid on a daily basis while your ticket sales role in.

Easily Track Walk-Up Sales

Welcome walk-up door sales and easily collect admission with both cash and credit. Schedule door prices to change based on demand, and track where guests came from.

Go Beyond Registration

Registration and sales are important. So is understanding your customer’s journey before, during, and after they attend your session. Vēmos is specifically designed to give you that insight to fuel your event’s success.

Understand Every Guest

Know how often someone attends, which days of the week they attend, their average group size, and where they come from.

Control The Experience

Stop redirecting your customers to a different site to buy a ticket. You own your brand and buying experience, without a competing event ever promoted on your event page.

Unlock Key Insight

Get the story of what marketing efforts reach the best guests, which tickets sell the best, and even when you can expect to sell out. This gives you the power to fuel even more success.

Simple Ticket Pricing

There’s no monthly subscription to use Vēmos Ticketing. A 10% service fee is added to the consumer buying the ticket, with a maximum fee of $9.95 per ticket. That’s it. With this simple structure, your customer oftentimes pays less for our service fee than companies who charge a percentage plus a fixed dollar amount.