Complete feature set is $150/month and includes a free two-week trial. Contact us for individual feature pricing.

Reservation Management

Upgrade your VIP. Easily manage all your tables in one view, allow staff to sell available tables, and even take table deposits to reduce no-shows. See full guest details to provide a personalized experience as soon as they arrive.

Guestlist Management

Never flip through another piece of paper again. Your guestlist is now digital and always up-to-date. Whether guests are added from promoters, ticket sales, your website, or staff, it all funnels instantly to one place, making check-in a breeze.

Cover Charge Management

True accountability at your door. Collect cover payment from walk-up guests, know who’s getting in for free or at a discount, and track which promoters are bringing them in for easy payouts.

One App. Every Guest

Your door will never run smoother. Easily toggle between Reservations, General Admission and Guestlist screens to accommodate every guest. You can even accept payment for both a guestlist party and walk-up guests in the same transaction.

Accept Any Type Of Payment

Accepting payment at the door has never been easier. Now you can collect cover from anyone no matter how they want to pay. Cash, credit, Apple Pay & Google Pay — all are available to maximize your door sales.

Guest Profiles

All your guest details in your pocket. See each guest’s unique profile from their last visit to what they’ve spent at your venue. Read notes from your staff, and see how to connect with them all at your fingertips.

Get Insight Only Vēmos Can Give You

Connect your POS to track individual guest spend to unlock even deeper insights about every guest that walks through your door. Other systems only track your VIP guests. With Vēmos, you get rich insight on all your guests so you can make smart decisions that drive profitability.

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