• Eileen Stokes

    – Visits 3 times/month
    – Spends $108 on average
    – Frequently attends house nights

  • Tyler Washburn

    – Visits 1 time per month
    – Spends $57 per visit
    – Frequently purchases Country tickets
  • Curtis Mitche

    – Visits 2 times per month
    – Spends $74 per visit
    – Frequently attends Rock & Pop events

  • Chuck Colley

    – Visits 2 times/month
    – Spends $48/visit on average
    – Frequently purchases Indy Rock tickets
  • Aneika Whitlow

    – Visits 2 times/month
    – Spends $52 per visit
    – Frequently attends R&B events


Every Guest is Unique

  • Eileen Stokes

    – Gluten-free
    – Visits 3 times/month
    – Spends $28/visit on average
    – Frequently purchases lettuce wraps
  • Tyler Washburn

    – Visits 1 time per month
    – Spends $57 per visit
    – Frequently purchases Sonoma Valley Cabernet
  • Curtis Mitche

    – Allergic to tree nuts
    – Visits 4 times per month
    – Spends $39 per visit
    – Frequently purchases Rodeo Burger
    – Show loyalty member emblem
  • Chuck Colley

    – Vegetarian
    – Visits 2 times/month
    – Spends $48/visit on average
    – Frequently purchases Impossible Burger
  • Aneika Whitlow

    – Dairy-free
    – Visits 2 times/month
    – Spends $52 per visit
    – Frequently purchases nitro stout
    do not show loyalty emblem
Which means every guest’s experience should be unique and specifically catered to them.

Attending a show is an immersive personal experience. Hearing about an upcoming show and ordering food & drinks should be just as personal. With Vēmos, your guests see personalized info in the moments they need it most, leading to lasting relationships that drive bigger results.


Turn Everyday Guests into Loyal Guests

And turn loyal guests into super fans

Instantly turn guests into fans by removing barriers to communicate with you. With our hospitality wallet – Vēmos Pay – your guests get personalized information when they need it most. Interact with your guests before, during, and after their visit and reap the rewards of their engagement.

Reduce Costs

Do more with less. Sell more tickets with smaller budgets, serve more guests, and increase checkout efficiencies.

Grow Revenue

Personalized incentives prove to increase check sizes by 19%, increase guest visits by 2x, and increase tips by 20%.

Improve Satisfaction

Guests feel empowered when they engage with content catered specifically to their tastes, which turns into more $ spent.

Recommended Products

$0 – Included in Starter Kit

Events & Ticketing

Easily manage, promote and sell tickets to your events. Get paid daily as sales roll in, welcome walk-up door sales with both cash and credit payments, and understand each guest’s journey before, during and after they attend your event.

  • Easily set up and manage your events
  • Get paid daily while your ticket sales roll in
  • Know how often a guest visits, which events they attend, their average group size, and where they come from
  • Control your brand with your own ticketing site and referral tracking links

$0 – Included in Starter Kit

Vēmos Pay Payments

Allow your guests to view, split and pay their checks from their phone. Guests can see all items on their tab in real-time, empowering you to upsell guests while they’re still in your venue. Plus, all payments are sent through your existing processor.

  • No more storing credit cards to start a tab or being forced to close out at every transaction
  • Guests pay when they’re ready, allowing your staff to focus on making drinks and providing a great experience
  • Open checks auto-close with 20% gratuity when they leave your venue
  • Guests can save & remember their favorite items

$50 per month

Order & Pay

Streamline your operations by allowing guests to order from their personalized digital menu. Vēmos leverages the guest’s past orders to automatically recommend item pairings to increase check sizes.

  • Allow guests to order from their table or at designated stations around your venue
  • Optimize your dining experience with this flexible service model that puts your guests in control
  • Upsell guests with menu recommendations based on what’s already on their check as well as information from past visits

$0 – Included in Starter Kit

Personalized Menu

Enhance customer satisfaction by providing a customized dining experience that caters to each guest’s dietary needs and personal preferences.

  • Integrates with your POS to pull menu items into your Vemos dashboard
  • Tag items with dietary information and categories
  • Guests use Vēmos Pay to view your menu that’s personalized to their dietary restrictions and personal tastes

$1 per active subscriber / month
Only pay for active subscribers. Capped at $350.

Loyalty & Gamification

A hyper-personalized + addictive loyalty system that gives you full control on how you incentivize guests. Set up your rules, then let Vēmos AI do its magic to reward guests based on their purchase behaviors.

  • Guests earn 1 coin for every $1 spent. Set specific menu items to earn more coins to incentivize bigger purchases. Establish reward levels for guests to redeem their coins.
  • Create games to incentivize guests to earn more coins by coming in more frequently, ordering specific items, or spending more per visit
  • Target specific guests with different offers based on their past purchases and last visit date

$50 per month

ID Scan

Go beyond age verification with our mobile ID scanner built specifically for hospitality venues. Verify age, be alerted of expired IDs, and understand each guest with one quick scan. Try it yourself with a free two-week trial.

  • Scan government-issued IDs across all 50 states in the USA, as well as passports from 230 countries
  • Know immediately if someone is under 21 with easy color coded alerts
  • Get alerted of an expired ID or IDs that have potential errors
  • Understand where your guests are coming from and how often they visit

Get Started for Free

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