Vemos Pay

Works directly with your existing POS

A customer opening and paying a check from their phone mimics your existing process of them paying with a physical card. It’s all integrated seamlessly with your existing POS, which means no operational changes or additional staff training required.

Contactless payments for a safer re-opening

Fewer touchpoints mean safer interactions for both your staff and your guests. With Vēmos Pay, there’s no exchanging of cash or credit cards required. Your guests simply pay their check when they’re ready, including automated gratuity.

Get the benefits only Vēmos Pay can offer

Guest experience is crucial, especially in our new normal. With Vēmos Pay, you spend more time focused on your guests, less time closing checks, all while keeping your staff and guests safe at a price that’s free for everyone. Now that’s what we call a win-win.

Increased Tips

A default gratuity is automatically added to the tab, with the ability for guests to enter their own custom amount. This results in increased tips by an average of x%.

Easy Accounting

Payments are sent directly through your existing POS and are processed with your current merchant services provider. There’s no difference between a guest paying at your terminal or paying from their phone.

Tabs Automatically Close

No more credit cards left behind or checks that go unpaid. If a guest leaves your premises with an open tab, Vēmos Pay automatically closes it with gratuity based on their geographic location.

Accept Vēmos Pay for Free

There’s no fees or monthly subscription to accept Vēmos Pay. It’s FREE for everyone and gives you that extra layer of precautions during COVID-19. Plus, it only takes about 15 minutes to get set up. So what are you waiting for?