ID Scan Accessories


Custom Vemos ID Scan Stand

This stand is custom designed by Vēmos specifically for the bar industry. The height is perfect for hands-free scanning, the base is sturdy to prevent it from being knocked over, and the head rotates to scan at any angle. Mount any iOS or Android device to the stand and put it next to your POS, at the door, or anywhere you check IDs. Device sold separately.

Dimensions: 4in. x 6in. base x 6.5in. height (does not include device)


Vemos ID Scanning Stand


Enterprise Sleds

Scanner attachment that encases an iOS Device to scan ID barcodes with an LED reader. Compatible with an iPhone 6 or 6s. iPhone sold separately.


Honeywell SL42 Barcode Reader for iPhone 6s, 7 & SE
(Model: SL42-055301-K. Includes iPhone)



Vemos ID Scan works on your choice of iOS or Android devices. No cell phone plan required, just Wifi with an internet connection.


Recommended: iPhone 7

Starting at $299.99

moto-g6-black-na-1000 (1)

Moto g6

Starting at $199


Moto Z Force 2

Starting at $299