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In order to accept Vēmos Pay at your location, you must first connect your Upserve account to Vēmos. Please follow these easy 6 steps to get set up.
Login to your Upserve HQ at

Select “Integration Partners” in the left navigation/menu. (It is located under ‘Settings’)

Click the button “Add API Partner” then search “Vemos” and select.
Copy & paste the auto-generated “Username” and “Password” that appears under “Vemos” in the “Partner” section and email it to
Complete your free Vēmos account setup at

Connect Upserve processing:
Email your Merchant ID to and a Vemos team member will connect your Upserve processing account so all your Vemos Pay transactions will be processed through your Upserve processing account. You will find your Merchant ID on the bottom left corner of your Upserve HQ dashboard.

Congrats – You’re set up!

That’s it. After completing these 6 steps, you’re connected and set up to accept Vēmos Pay contactless payments.


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