New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, and venues are gearing up to throw the biggest party of the year. While countdowns and confetti are always the norm, there are a few added elements we’re seeing in this year’s parties.


1. Unique Themes

While New Year’s Eve is the biggest event of the year, it’s also the most competitive. You need to differentiate yourself from the other parties in your area and show your customers why they should attend your event. Having a theme helps set these expectations, and also helps you plan a succinct event. Just make sure you do your research so your theme is unique in your region. I’ve seen themes range from a frosty affair to tropical oasis with cabanas and everything in between. There’s no limit to what you can do, it’s a matter of playing to your guests’ interest and executing the experience.


2. Added VIP Flair

People are more likely to splurge on a VIP experience for New Year’s Eve, which means you have to take care of them and execute above their standards and expectations. While VIP bottle service is the everyday, your NYE VIP service needs to be a step higher. Reflect on your theme and consider adding in extras to play up the experience. Turn your tables into cabanas. Provide a free hookah. Add in a layer of entertainment. Your customers — especially the millennials — care more about experiences than products. This is a great time to wow them with your experience build loyalty in the coming year.


3. Signature Cocktails

A signature cocktail can go a long way in wracking up those bar sales. When done well with your theme, they get guests excited to try something new and festive to ring in the new year. Put a twist on the midnight champagne toast with a grapefruit mimosa. Play with the seasonal flavors in a cranberry-spice cocktail. Just make sure not to overcomplicate your cocktails that it slows down your bar staff.


4. Ticket Tiers and Packages

Having a strategy behind your tickets is beneficial in not only ensuring you have guaranteed pre-sale revenue but also in building urgency and interest with your customers. Many NYE events have already sold out of their tier 1 general admission tickets and have moved on to the more expensive tier 2 tickets, increasing prices as more tickets sell and the event gets closer. It’s also common for events to create packages to drive up the perceived value of their NYE event. This could be an open bar ticket for a premium price, compared to just the admission ticket. It could also be a VIP package that includes a free bottle of champagne. Your customers are accustomed to spending a premium NYE, so think of ways you can drive up the value of your ticket options.


5. Enhanced Door Operations

Your door is what sets the stage for your customer’s experience and expectations. Set up your lines so it’s easy for your guests to navigate and for your staff to operate. Create a line for your pre-sale customers, a line for customers paying at the door, and a line for your VIP customers. Not only does this make your door flow better, but it also allows your staff to only focus on checking in the customer in those given lines, rather than flipping back and forth between checking someone in and handling a walk-up sale. And having a separate line and check-ins or your VIP guests ensures your highest spenders aren’t getting lost in the shuffle and are instead getting exclusive treatment right away.


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