We’ve discussed upselling and pre-selling in the past as top-performing sales strategies. Now it’s time to take this a step further and combine the two with cross-selling.


Cross-selling is the act of suggesting a complimentary product to the one your customer just purchased. Most clubs already use this concept when consumers are already in their venue, such as suggesting the customer purchases a round of shots to go with his/her already purchased drink. However, most clubs aren’t realizing the opportunity of digital cross-selling, particularly as it relates to pre-selling.


Let’s look at an example of a consumer purchasing a ticket for your event online:

1. Your consumer goes online to pre-purchase a ticket for your event.
2. She fills out the necessary form fields and hits the submit button to process her payment.
3. She gets to a confirmation landing page thanking her for her purchase and recommending her to also pre-purchase a VIP table for the night and a limousine for her transportation.
4. She pre-purchases both the VIP table and the limousine, putting extra guaranteed money in the bank.


Cross-selling the VIP table and limousine (particularly if you create a partnership with a limousine company) on the confirmation page enables you to earn more revenue than you would have without the suggestion. Now you not only have revenue from three different areas of your club, but you have guaranteed revenue from three different areas. What’s more is with the suggested additions, your customer is bound to have an enhanced party experience that will build their loyalty.

Don’t stop short at only pre-selling one focused item. Identify other areas to which that item relates to build your digital cross-selling strategy.


Whitney Johnson is the global director of marketing for BookBottles. Contact her at whitney.johnson@bookbottles.com.