The biggest event in nightlife is almost here, which means it’s time to pump up the volume on your New Year’s Eve marketing. Your promoters are a big part of your marketing efforts and arguably one of the most effective marketing channels you can use. Here’s how to create a powerful army of promoters by turning them in to mobile box offices.


1. Use an event system with mobile sales

The first step is for you to get on the right event system. The only way you can supercharge your promoters is if you have access to the tools to do so. Use an event management system like Vēmos that was built specifically for the nightlife industry. Like most ticketing systems, you’re able to build your event landing page and sell tickets online. But unlike other ticketing systems, you’re also able to integrate ticket sales on your website, social channels, and a synced mobile app to sell tickets direly from mobile devices. It also handles VIP table reservations in the same system so you don’t have to use multiple services to manage your NYE event.


2. Accept cash and credit

The mobile app we just mentioned is your golden ticket. This is what turns your promoters into a mobile box office, and what allows you to generate pre-sale revenue even on the go. Your promoters can sell tickets directly through their device, accepting both cash and credit purchases, to anyone at anytime. Once the ticket is sold through the app, consumers get a digital ticket, and that buying information is synced with the rest of your ticket purchases. This makes your promoters incredibly powerful, drives more customers through your door, and keeps all your purchases synced together for a seamless door process the night of your event.


3. Track, measure, and reward

Track which promoters bring in the best guests and the most sales over a given time period or for your specific NYE event. This helps ensure you’re paying promoters out appropriately, that you understand where your guests are coming from, and that you can reward your promoters for a job-well-done to keep them performing and maximizing results.