There’s a common issue we see in the nightlife industry, and that’s lack of data sharing – especially when it comes to ticketing. Very few third-party companies are willing to give up their most valuable asset: data. And chances are, you’re suffering from this more than you know. Let’s take a look:


You’re gearing up to host a big event. You know you need to charge for the event, and the best way to do so is through ticketing. You choose a prominent ticketing company to handle the set-up, promotion, and distribution of your tickets. People come to your event and all seems well. But when the event is over, it’s over. The ticketing company didn’t give you access to your ticketing sales. You have no idea who came into your venue, where they were from, what they did while they were there, or how much money you made. All you know is you hosted an event and people showed up.


We at BookBottles knew this needed to change. The only way to know whether your event was a success is to analyze data, which is very hard to do when you don’t get access to your own data. That’s why we believe you should have full control of your events. So we created a platform that incorporates ticketing into the rest of your efforts, giving you that full 360-degree look at how your venue is performing. This platform enables you to:


•  Create and manage an online event page
•  Sell tickets to consumers right through the page via an e-commerce system
•  Integrate the event with a mobile app for promoters to sell tickets directly from their devices
•  Track ticket sales and results along the way
•  See how often a certain individual buys your event tickets and for which shows


This type of platform syncs all promoters and marketing efforts together in one centralized spot to maximize ticket sales and revenue. What’s more is you’re able to analyze results to better set yourself up for success in the future. After all, optimization is the key to long-term success.


Stop selling yourself short by only handling the front-end side of selling tickets. Get access to your data and learn whether your event was a success and which areas need improvement. The more you know, the better results you’ll have. And with better results comes bigger profits.


Whitney Johnson is the global director of marketing at BookBottles. Contact her at