There is a fine line between expense control and service deprivation. How many times have you found yourself in an amazing nightclub, filled with eye-catching decor, but waiting to get a drink for a half hour? Now, your once great impression has turned to a deep distaste.


As an owner or a manager, this is your worst nightmare. All the hard work put in to creating the party is undermined due to an understaffing issue. Take these steps to ensure you’re fully prepared.


1. Watch your bars and tables.
2. Adjust staffing to accommodate levels of business.
3. Track trends, upcoming events, and major happenings that might spike levels.
4. Add satellite bars if needed.
5. When in doubt, overstaff. It is much easier to cut than call-in.


Guests should have a drink in their hands at all times. Staff accordingly to make sure this happens. While it may sound expensive to have adequate staff, it’s even more costly to understaff. Every second a guest is waiting for a drink is a dollar you’re not taking to the bank. And if they wait long enough, it may turn in to thousands.


John Wickes is an advisor for BookBottles.