We’re always hard at work to provide you with features that help improve your business. Over the past couple months, we’ve been developing a new way for you to handle your reservations through pre-sale table inventory. Take a look below to see all the ways you can use the new table ticket feature.


Sell Tables as Pre-Sale Inventory

You’re now able to collect payment for your tables in advance. This helps reduce your risk of no-shows while guaranteeing your VIP reservation revenue for the night. You can set up as many tables in the system as you want, and can also use the functionality to pre-sell party packages. Tables paid in full automatically calculates your sales tax and gratuity in the pre-paid amount, and all pre-paid tables automatically appear in your  reservation section of your dashboard.



Take a Deposit for a Table

Sometimes you just want guests to put a deposit down rather than pay for the table in full. No problem. You can choose to take a deposit while creating your table ticket. Just select the box “This is a deposit” and the system handles the rest. Reservations with deposits also automatically appear in your dashboard.


Manage Table Inventory and Table Map

With table tickets, you’re able to manage your table inventory directly in the ticket setup process. You also have the ability to set up table tickets with an admission fee for an event, or just set up pre-sale tables for your general nights. And since every ticket automatically appears in your reservations section, you’re able to easily arrange your table map before the night to avoid any double book tables or seating hiccups.

Other Fixes and Improvements

In addition to creating reservation tickets, we also made a few general fixes and minor improvements. When adding an event, you’re able to immediately add tickets to your event. We also fixed a few minor improvements to displaying data in our analytics section.


We’re continuously searching for and squishing bugs around here so you always have the best experience. If you ever have any issues, let us know and we’ll solve it ASAP.