We’re all about analytical systems here at BookBottles, especially when it comes to collecting important customer information. It may be the geek in us, but we truly believe that with great data comes great insight, with great insight comes great marketing, and with great marketing comes great profits.


In the nightlife industry, marketing is oftentimes narrowed to a single concept: promoters. Very rarely do venues look at the whole marketing picture. Along with promotions and events, your name, logo, interior ambiance, and overall brand image falls within the marketing umbrella. What’s more is few venues have the necessary insight on their customers to understand what niche their business falls into and what customers they need to attract.


That’s where a customer relationship management (CRM) system comes into play. The best run venues work with a robust CRM system that’s tied to their point of sale to uncover key information about their club and their customers. Not only are they able to better identify guests and treat them with personalized service, but they’re able to improve their marketing efforts.


Because the CRM system tracks important customer activity, such as when they come to your club, how much they spend, what they drink, and how many people they bring with them, you’re able to send more targeted, personal and relevant messages to individual guests. This means you’re able to use filters to segment your customers into specific targeted audiences, which in turn means each audience gets messages that are 100% relevant to their habits. That’s powerful marketing, and that’s what continues to drive guests into your venue.


Gone are the days where it’s acceptable to mass blast an email, social, or text message campaign. It’s no longer a matter of trying to capture the general nightlife population; it’s a matter of catering to your specific audience and niche, reaching them in a personalized way that drives them to make an emotional buying decision at your club. This is what separates your club from the rest. It’s what allows you to offer the impeccable service your customers need. And it’s where the secret of customer loyalty lies. Market with your objective, niche, and target audience in mind, and keep it personalized using your data from your CRM system. That’s the new wave of nightlife marketing and what gets your customers to become loyal, long-term guests.