Your nightclub has a big opportunity to end summer with a bang this Labor Day weekend. Here are four things you can do to make sure your party is the best on the block.


1. Know your audience

The people you are throwing the party for should define your party. This means everything needs to be in line with your guests’ idea of a good party – including the music they like to hear, the alcohol they like to drink, and even the servers they prefer. This rule applies for any event or promotion your nightclub is running, which is why we always recommend having a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place to capture these valuable insights.


2. Get the word out

Once you’ve defined your audience, you can start to spread the word. It’s much easier to market and promote your party when you know exactly whom you’re trying to reach. The best strategy is to always keep your customers informed while maintaining a clear and consistent message in all your efforts. Use a multi-channel strategy to get the word out, such as text-message marketing, printed collateral, email updates, and social media. Just using one channel will not do. Diversify your efforts, track returns and adjust focus based on results.


3. Turn your party into revenue

Price your party accordingly and gain revenue before the day of the event. For pricing, remember that it’s the experience – not the deal – that gets them in. It’s critical to understand what your customers will pay in return for a good party. Don’t sell yourself short by trying to provide a deal on a big event, but don’t try to overprice a more casual affair. People understand and have been programmed to pay top dollar for major events, but also understand when an event is overpriced. Take note, not advantage, of these opportunities and price your event accordingly to see success.


4. Maintain the party

The idea is to always keep your guests coming back for more. Treat everyone like VIPs (from the bottle buyer to the general admission guest), keep them entertained by constantly surprising them during your party, and focus on service levels to make them feel appreciated. This type of party maintenance ensures your guests will have a great experience during the party and will keep you top of mind for future events.


At the end of the day, revenue is a byproduct of the value of your party. Make sure you first and foremost throw a good party, then be constantly aware of your guests, surprise them from time to time, and treat them with the service they deserve to keep them coming back well after your end of summer bash.


Whitney Johnson is the global director of marketing at BookBottles. Contact her at