Upserve by Lightspeed is the latest POS system to become fully integrated with Vemos to accept our Vēmos Pay contactless payment solution. Any restaurant, bar, or hospitality venue using Upserve POS can quickly begin to accept Vēmos Pay by selecting it from the integrations section in your Upserve POS. And it’s free. Seriously. There’s no added fees or subscriptions.

What is Vemos Pay?

Vēmos Pay allows your guests to view and pay their check from the convenience of their own device. Guests view their check as soon as they sit down, and pay whenever they’re ready by using a stored payment method – without needing a printed check first. It’s truly contactless, gives your guests the transparency and control they didn’t have before, and allows your staff to focus on providing a great experience.

Watch a quick 2 minute demo of how it works:


How does it help my venue and staff?

Unlike other contactless payment solutions, Vēmos Pay doesn’t change your current operations. Your staff starts and adds to checks as they normally would, and guests access the check using their table number. This makes it seamless for your staff.

Payments are sent directly through your Upserve Payment Processing and are tokenized to make sure you stay EMV compliant. This also ensures that there’s no operational or accounting changes to your business.

We have the customer create an account on Vēmos Pay and securely store a payment method before accessing their check, which drastically reduces walkouts. If a guest does forget to pay, their check automatically closes with 20% gratuity – just like when you walk out of your rideshare.

Vēmos Pay reduces the 12-17 minute wait time that occurs between finishing a meal and closing a check. This not only means faster table turns, but also an increase in average check spend and tips with staff focusing more on the experience and less on closing checks. In fact, our smart tip buttons have been shown to automatically increase servers’ tips by at least 4% compared to the national average.

If you have a busy bar area, your guests can start a tab using Vemos Pay. They order with your bartender as they normally would and mention they have a tab open under their name. When it’s time to leave, they simply pay in the app and leave. They don’t need to go back up to the bar and take time away from your bartender settling the tab. Instead, your bartender is freed up to spend that time getting more drinks out to guests to increase your bottom line.

Vēmos Pay is integrated directly with your Upserve POS system so all payments are sent through your Upserve payment processing.

Vēmos Pay is free for both you and your guest. There are no added fees or subscriptions.

How do I get started?

Follow these quick 6 steps to get set up to accept Vemos Pay. You can also contact us directly at for any additional questions or to receive a demo.