The new year is right around the corner, which is typically the time we see many venues looking to make a change. But even though these venues are actively seeking new solutions, they’re still asking us and themselves when the best time is to make a big switch. The truth is there really isn’t an exact ‘great time’ to make a switch. But there is a way to go about the change so it’s quick, unobtrusive, and set up for success.


Since technology is our sweet spot, we’ll review the best ways to adopt new technology into your venue for the upcoming year so you can significantly increase efficiency, profitability, and security.


1. Define why you want to make a technology change

We can tell you a hundred reasons why you should (and just for fun, here’s 7 of them), but it’s not going to mean anything if you don’t have a reason or objective of your own. Perhaps you want to increase the speed of the night, discover insights about your clients, understand how your venue and employees are doing, or even generate more pre-sale revenue. All of this is possible with the right technology. The more you know about why you want to go down this route, the better technology partner you’ll find and the easier time you’ll have integrating it in.


2. Find the right partner

The best thing you can do is find a company who will act as a true partner in making your club more profitable. They should fully understand your venue’s operations and strategies to provide the best solution to your needs. We recommend using a system like ours that has multiple solutions on one platform. Not only does this reduce the number of vendors you have to work with on a daily basis, but also better integrates data about your venue’s performance.


3. Start small

The reason technology, or any new system for that matter, seems overwhelming is because people think of it as one big overhaul rather than a series of small steps. Adopting technology is a marathon, not a race. Pick the technology solutions that you absolutely need today and blend it into your current operations. Once you get the hang of the new features you added, you’ll feel more comfortable about what technology can do for your venue and will be ready to add more necessary features. This process doesn’t take as long as it sounds. We can get you set up in a day and have you start integrating features in a matter of weeks.


4. Train Staff

Get all staff members together who will be interacting with the new software. Having everyone in one place makes it easy for you to introduce the system, show them how it works, and answer any questions they may have. It may also be beneficial to bring in the company you’re partnering with to clarify any points or walk through the system. Do this every time a new wave of features is implemented in your venue, and always show continuous support. After all, if you don’t believe in the system, why should your employees? Support and training ensures your venue runs like a well-oiled machine and sees the best results possible.


Whitney Larson is the president and director of marketing at Vēmos. Contact her at